Advantages and Disadvantages of 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

offroad SUVFour-wheel drive vehicles are those vehicles with four wheels in total, and all four wheels are driven. These vehicles have excellent traction control making them ideal to be used as haulers or tow truck. When 4WD is engaged, the engine sends power to the transmission, which is then split into the front and wheel axles. Torque gets transferred to the wheels must have the traction on the road for the vehicle to move whichever side. Otherwise, the tires the tires will spin as you might have experiences when stuck in mud or sand.

Until a few years ago, four-wheel drive technology mostly applicable to off-road vehicles and sports utility vehicles. However, of late, things have changed considerably with some vehicles from other segments embracing the use of four-wheel drive technology. It is important to know how 4WD work, to understand its usefulness.  Each 4WD system, be it part-time, full-time, on-the-fully, manual shift or fully automatic all have different requirements for engagement and disengagement. You should also know situations that warrant the use of 4WD.

Advantages of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Deciding whether to go for 4WD vehicle or not may be a tough call, especially if you do not know the advantages and disadvantages of these vehicle types. The primary benefits of four-wheel drives revolve around superior traction that these vehicles have. Another advantage is improved performance and handling. These vehicles can drive through slippery and loose surfaces with utmost ease.

JeepYou should go for a 4WD vehicle when you need an extra torque or power, such as one required in pulling heavy loads or cargo at the slow pace. 4WD vehicles are also so good when descending at slower speeds while towing or hauling a heavy load. They also perform so well when driving around steep inclines and declines such as a hard situation.  4WD systems have improved traction in less favorable driving conditions such as ice, snow, rocks and other scenarios that make control difficult. Traction and control improve by engaging the two sets of wheels. The additional weight of 4WD contributes to a more improved grip on the road. These vehicles are so great for those who lie off-roading.

Disadvantages of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

You should also note some few cons associated with 4WD vehicles. These vehicles are normally heavier than normal ones, and such extra weight slows down a car’s acceleration. The car also uses more fuel to compensate for the added weight. 4WD vehicles are also more expensive than 2WD ones because more parts are used to build the car. As fuels consumption becomes high, one might be forced to pay out more om gasoline bills. However, there are also hybrid versions of these car types.

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